A.D. Marble provides a wide variety of natural and cultural resources services. Our services include National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation, Section 4(f) evaluations, wildlife and forest management, landscape architecture, wetlands, ecology, farmland assessments, CADD/GIS, historic structures, archaeology, public involvement, and agency coordination. Our goal is to consistently guide projects through the environmental process effectively, ensuring that the needs of the project are weighed appropriately against current environmental constraints.

A.D. Marble is an expert in natural resource studies. When our client’s option(s) cannot avoid environmental impacts, our approach involves assessing the proposed impacts and working closely with the engineers to minimize them as much as possible. Our natural resources services include:

  • Wetland permitting, delineation, enhancement, restoration, and functional assessment
  • Streambank restoration, relocation, and stabilization (Rosgen Level IV)
  • Wetland mitigation design
  • Wetland construction inspection and monitoring
  • Aquatic investigations
  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Federal and state permitting
  • Threatened and endangered species studies
  • Wildlife habitat assessment studies
  • Ecosystem restoration and watershed planning

A.D. Marble’s experienced staff has successfully worked on numerous socioeconomic studies and community impact assessments. Our strategy is to create a community profile that allows us to assess the community’s unique character and needs and identify the existing and/or potential impacts that could occur as a result of a project. Our services include:

  • Community impact assessments
  • Noise analysis
  • Community inventories
  • Environmental justice
  • Public involvement
  • Coordination with public officials
  • Farmlands assessments
  • Land use assessments
  • Economic impact analyses
  • Secondary and cumulative impact assessments

A.D. Marble has experience in all aspects of the public involvement process, including multi-state and national projects. Educating the public about a project and providing a forum where people can express their concerns adds to the success of a project. We engage the public through a variety of methods including:

  • Open house public meetings
  • Community workshops
  • Public officials briefings
  • Stakeholders meetings
  • Citizen Advisory Committee meetings
  • Special interest group meetings
  • Agency coordination meetings
  • Newsletters/brochures/press releases
  • Customer surveys/interviews
  • Interactive websites

A.D. Marble has extensive experience using GIS and CADD for environmental, cultural resource, transportation design, and database management projects. Our services include the creation, implementation, and management of geographic information and database systems using both GIS and CADD geospatial products. We use the latest technologies and a wide variety of data to provide complex analytical, as well as commercial quality, mapping and design.

  • GIS analysis
  • GIS database design and development
  • CADD
  • Cartography
  • GPS data collection
  • 3D visualization

A.D. Marble is experienced in conducting hazardous environmental condition studies and provides a full range of services to meet the environmental documentation requirements of financial institutions and regulatory agencies, as appropriate. Our staff is experienced with the preparation and coordination of the following:

  • Due diligence investigations and screenings
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs; ASTM and AAI)
  • Preliminary assessments and site investigations
  • Phase II ESAs
  • ISRA investigations and case management
  • Brownfields redevelopment investigations and coordination
  • Asbestos inspections and management plans
  • Lead-based paint inspections and risk assessments