Our mission is to be a leader in the environmental, cultural, and engineering fields while providing growth opportunities to our employees and top quality service to our clients.

The core values that help us accomplish this mission are:

• Integrity | All aspects of our business, without exception, are conducted with the highest ethical values.

• Care for Our Employees | We support, trust, and challenge our employees so they can achieve their goals in a safe, flexible, and positive environment.

• Client Satisfaction | We strive to provide our clients with top quality service on time and within budget through effective, innovative methods.

• Loyalty | We are loyal to our employees and to our clients and focus on developing long-term relationships.

• Accountability | We hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

• Forward Thinking | We are constantly looking toward the next successful step to continue enhancing the concept of shared ownership for our company and to improve our customers’ satisfaction with our services.


The core ideology is the enduring character of a company or organization. It guides and inspires people across the organization and remains fixed for relatively long periods of time.

It is who we are as a company, what we stand for, and what we are about. It is comprised of a Core Purpose and Core Values: A.D. Marble’s Core Purpose is to enhance quality of life and experience success.

A.D. Marble’s Core Values are:

• Integrity

• Care for Our Employees

• Client Satisfaction

• Loyalty

• Accountability

• Social Responsibility

• Forward Thinking