S.R. 4001 Soil Slide Project

Project details

  • Project Name: S.R. 4001 Soil Slide Project
  • Project Client: PennDOT District 3-0
  • Project Location: Cummings Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

A.D. Marble prepared a Historic Resource Survey (HRSF) form for a roughly 8.5-mile portion of S.R. 4001, a Works Progress Administration-built (WPA-built) roadway, beginning at Segment 010 and ending at Segment 190 in Cummings Township, Lycoming County. The HRSF form for this linear resource will also addressed those WPA-built structures (e.g., bridges, culverts, retaining walls, and campsites) along the roadway within the project APE. A.D. Marble conducted a field survey of the corridor to document the roadway and other WPA-built structures using digital photography and field notes. We used our unmanned aircraft (drone) capabilities to assist with the field work by capturing current aerial/bird’s eye views of the corridor (little/no foliage on the trees at this time of year) and individual features, when possible.