S.R. 0356, Section J10 Truck Climbing Lane Project

Project details

  • Project Name: S.R. 0356, Section J10 Truck Climbing Lane Project
  • Project Client: PennDOT District 12-0
  • Project Location: Allegheny Township and Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

The S.R. 0356, Section J10 Truck Climbing Lane project begins at the Freeport Bridge, which crosses the Allegheny River in the north end of the project limits. The Allegheny River Bike/Trail and a rail-trail parking area are located at the north end of the project study area near Rivers Landing. Bakers Trail also crosses through the project corridor south of this area. The Baker Trail is a 132-mile hiking and backpacking trail. The community neighborhood at Garvers Ferry is located in the northern end of the project. The River Forest Country Club is located in the southern limits of the project area. The terrain is a steep grade along S.R.0356 up from the river, and the land use is primarily forested adjacent to the road. The off-site wetland and stream mitigation was designed adjacent to Owl Hollow Road (Kauffman Property) in Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County.

Services provided by A.D. Marble included:

  • Transportation Planning/National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)– NEPA clearance in two weeks
  • Waste investigations – Phase I/II/III
  • Threatened and endangered species coordination (i.e., Indiana bats, bald eagles, and freshwater mussels)
  • Archaeology investigations – Phase IA and Phase I
  • Water resource design – stream and wetland mitigation design services
  • Joint Waterway Permit (Chapter 105/Section 404) – approved within one year of submission
  • Public involvement