P3 Fiber Optic Broadband Network Project

Project details

  • Project Name: P3 Fiber Optic Broadband Network Project
  • Project Client: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • Project Location: Statewide Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) plans to award a Public-Private Partnership (P3) to design, permit, install, and maintain fiber optic conduit, junction boxes, and connections to associated facilities (mainline service plazas, maintenance areas, interchanges, and training facilities) throughout the entire Pennsylvania Turnpike corridor. The PTC applied for federal grants to assist in financing the project, which required National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) clearance for the implementation of the project. A.D. Marble conducted the environmental studies and prepared the NEPA documents (CE1As) for the Turnpike, which included some sections that had no previous studies and others for which environmental studies had been completed. The NEPA documents were completed for a total of 403 miles of the Turnpike system, including new field work for 212 miles on each side of the Turnpike direction for a total of 424 miles. The environmental studies included environmental background research for all applicable topics, hazardous waste, threatened and endangered species, preparation of Section 4(f) documents where applicable, wetland and stream delineations, and the preparation of a Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (PA SHPO) Project Review Form for the entire turnpike system.

Services Provided/Problems Solved/Awards:

  • The first 243 miles were on an accelerated schedule. The environmental studies were completed and NEPAs (four CE1As) were submitted in 31 days.