New Stanton Interchange Improvement Project

Project details

  • Project Name: New Stanton Interchange Improvement Project
  • Project Client: PennDOT District 12-0
  • Project Location: South Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania

The project includes the consolidation of two substandard interchanges into one modern, safe facility on an accelerated construction schedule. The construction includes increased capacity for commercial vehicles, an auxiliary lane between the Turnpike and I-70, and longer acceleration/deceleration ramps/lanes to improve merging and exiting on Mainline I-70. Two roundabouts are part of a redesigned I-70 interchange. The project will also create a connection (Rachel Drive) between Byers Avenue and Bair Boulevard, including a roundabout at Rachel Drive/Bair Boulevard.

A.D. Marble work efforts were part of a district-wide construction management contract to provide “as needed” construction management support services for the project. A.D. Marble provided construction consultation services during the construction of the S.R. 0070, Section Q10 – New Stanton Interchange Improvement Project. Our services focused upon the environmental services associated with waterway permit conditions, erosion and sedimentation control interpretation/overview, special conditions interpretation within the waterway permit, Environmental Commitments and Mitigation Tracking System (ECMTS) review with the construction team, and post-construction stormwater management overview.

A.D. Marble participated in monthly erosion and sedimentation control pre-inspection walkthroughs to advise PennDOT and the construction contractor of items that should be addressed to keep the project in compliance with applicable regulations. The results and recommendations of the walkthroughs were documented and provided to PennDOT. A.D. Marble attended erosion and sedimentation control inspections conducted by the Westmoreland Conservation District and also reviewed the project for compliance with the ECMTS form and Chapter 105/404 permits.

As a component of the construction management team, A.D. Marble provided proactive stream mitigation design modifications in order to address on-site construction sequence adjustments.