Jennersville Loop Construction Monitoring

Project details

  • Project Name: Jennersville Loop Construction Monitoring
  • Project Client: Landmark Science and Engineering
  • Project Location: Jennersville, Chester County, Pennsylvania

A new 24-inch natural gas pipeline is proposed by Eastern Shore Natural Gas for the approximately 8-mile long (and 200’ wide) Project Area known as the “Jennersville Loop”, which is located northeast, east, and southeast of Kelton and New London in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Including “Wetland 1” of the “Fair Hill Loop”, there are a total of 6 Wetlands within the Project Area with Bog Turtle concerns (Wetlands 4, 19, 22, 24 and 25 of the Jennersville Loop and Wetland 1 of the Fair Hill Loop). Two (2) of the five (5) Wetlands are known, or are likely, to support Bog Turtles (Wetlands 22 and 19, respectively). High quality Bog Turtle habitat is present within Wetlands 19 and 25, although Bog Turtles have not been detected from these wetlands during subsequent studies (1999-2003 and 2006, respectively). Potential Bog Turtle habitat is not present within Wetland 24, but it is located approximately 1,400 feet northwest of Wetland 25 and is hydrologically connected to it. There is no potential Bog Turtle habitat within the portions of Wetland 4 in the Project Area, but a small (1.5 acre) canopy gap located approximately 50 feet west of the northern portion of the Project Area contains potential Bog Turtle habitat and it is unknown if it is occupied by Bog Turtles.

The “Fair Hill Loop”, (which is south of, and will connect to, the “Jennersville Loop”), has 1 wetland that was identified as potential Bog Turtle habitat during a Phase I Bog Turtle Investigation conducted by Landmark Science & Engineering (Amy J Nazdrowicz) in 2016: “Wetland 1” (0.0414 acres), located within the northern portion of the Fair Hill Loop Project Area, on a farm property at 3247 Appleton Road in Landenburg, Franklin Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. More specifically, Wetland 1 was located in the western portion of tax parcel #72-7-2. After coordination with the PA Fish and Boat Commission and the USFWS in 2016, Landmark conducted a Phase II Bog Turtle Investigation for Wetland 1 in 2016 and no Bog Turtles were found. However, since the pipeline will be installed after April 1st during the active season of 2018, precautionary Construction Monitoring will be provided during pipeline installation and during the use of heavy machinery within 300 feet of Wetland 1. If any Bog Turtles are found during the Construction Monitoring of these wetlands, they will be notched/processed and both the USFWS and the PA Fish and Boat Commission will be contacted immediately. A.D. Marble assisted Landmark with the required Construction Monitoring services during the installation of pipeline through Wetlands 1, 4, 19, 22, 24, and 25 in accordance with the USFWS-approved “Bog Turtle Protection Plan” and their final Biological Opinion issued for the project. Any new Bog turtles found during Construction Monitoring will be given a transmitter and monitored in accordance with the federally-approved “Bog Turtle Protection Plan” prepared by Landmark (last revised on 9/11/2017) pertaining to Wetlands 4, 19, 22, 24, and 25 of the Jennersville Loop.