I-76 Integrated Corridor Management


Project details

  • Project Name: I-76 Integrated Corridor Management
  • Project Client: PennDOT District 6-0
  • Project Location: Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties, Pennsylvania

The project involves reducing congestion and improving safety on Interstate 76 (Schuylkill Expressway; I-76) between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the US 1 interchanges by dynamically managing recurrent congestion based on prevailing and predicted traffic conditions. Given the physical constraints that restrict the ability to add capacity, the program team is designing for and implementing various smart corridor technologies to improve operations along the roadway. Technologies include variable speed limits, queue detection/warning, dynamic junction control, flex lanes, and ramp metering. Multi-modal improvements and proactive management of traffic signals along adjacent corridors are also part of the Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Program. The first phase of the program will include installing variable speed limits and queue detection/warning along the roadway. These technologies target the safety concerns and daily incidents along I-76 by slowing down traffic and warning drivers of upcoming congestion and crashes on the roadway. Upcoming phases will involve more complex, longer-term strategies, such as dynamic junction control, flex lanes, and ramp metering.

Services Provided/Problems Solved/Awards:

  • Wetland and stream delineations
  • Threatened and endangered species surveys
  • Archaeological and historic resources
  • Noise studies
  • Public involvement and project website

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