High Street Substation

Project details

  • Project Name: High Street Substation
  • Project Client: Atlantic City Electric
  • Project Location: Woolwich Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey

On behalf of Atlantic City Electric, A.D. Marble conducted cultural resource surveys associated with construction of an electric substation. A Section 106 Initiation Letter was prepared at the start of the project for review by the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office (NJ HPO). The letter introduced the project and outlined the planned cultural resource surveys. The surveys consisted of both historic architecture and archaeological assessments. A Phase IB archaeological survey was conducted within a 40-acre field. The survey consisted of the excavation of 550 shovel test pits. Over 800 artifacts were recovered and one archaeological site was identified. The historic architecture survey initially consisted of conducting background research, determining the Area of Potential Effects (APE), and conducting a reconnaissance survey to evaluate three potential historic resources within the APE. As a result of the initial assessments, two resources were determined to lack significance and integrity, and no further work was recommended. A mid- to late-nineteenth-century farm complex was also identified that required further documentation. A.D. Marble conducted an intensive level survey of the property and determined the resource lacked significance and was recommended not eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Both surveys were concurred upon by the NJ HPO.