Forest Heights Stormwater Management Design

Project details

  • Project Name: Forest Heights Stormater Management Design
  • Project Client: Town of Forest Heights
  • Project Location: Forest Heights, Maryland

A.D. Marble provided low impact stormwater management design services to the Town of Forest Heights to help achieve their goal of becoming the first East Coast town to be a “zero-runoff” community. This goal of infiltrating up to and including the two-year storm is unprecedented in highly urbanized areas. With long-term cooperation and coordination between the town council, mayor, homeowners and A.D. Marble, the stormwater improvements made to Rolph Drive is phase one in multi-phase initiative.

A.D. Marble secured regional and state grants to install stormwater tree-boxes that work similar to micro bioretention units and pervious sidewalk along the entire length of the street. In conjunction with this work, an upgraded storm sewer pipe and inlet were installed to ensure maximum utilization of the stormwater management practices installed.

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