CSX Construction Haul Road Permit

Project details

  • Project Name: CSX Construction Haul Road Permit
  • Project Client: Golden Triangle Construction Company
  • Project Location: Bedford County, Pennsylvania

A.D. Marble was contracted by J.B. Fay to design and permit a haul road during construction of the Bedford Tunnel. The services performed are listed below.

• J.B. Fay employed the services of A.D. Marble to design and permit a heavy construction haul road to provide access to an excavation waste site for the CSX Railroad Bedford Tunnel construction. CSX was increasing the height of their existing tunnel so that multi-modal freight trains could pass.
• J.B. Fay purchased a property that had an existing logging road; however, the road was not wide enough or sturdy enough to pass the vehicle types anticipated by J.B. Fay.
• A.D. Marble worked with ARCADIS, CSX Design Management Team, the Somerset County Conservation District, and J.B. Fay to design a haul road that could pass the heavy load construction equipment used by J.B Fay.
• A.D. Marble developed the erosion and sediment control plans, post-construction stormwater management, and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for J.B. Fay.
• Obstacles to overcome included developing a low/no maintenance post-construction stormwater practice, working within the existing steep slope topography, and minimizing the costs of the post-construction stormwater practice.
• A.D. Marble used soil amendments to create meadow type land cover and meet the NPDES requirements.
• The site was periodically inspected by the Somerset County Conservation District with minimal modifications to the erosion control measures needed.

The site was completed and recorded with the Somerset Recorder of Deeds as a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) stormwater management site.